Carolyn Belle

Director, Advanced Systems
Astroscale US

Carolyn Belle engages in space industry growth and diversification, with expertise in the market dynamics of on-orbit servicing, emerging satellite applications, and the creation of diversified space architectures. Carolyn currently works with commercial and government satellite operators to pursue new approaches to on-orbit operations in her role at Astroscale U.S., where she serves as the Director of Advanced Systems. She previously led KSAT’s standardized ground network development in the U.S. and, as a consultant and industry analyst, advised companies throughout the value chain on key opportunities & strategic direction. She started her career in astrobiology research before focusing her passion for space on building the business environment and underlying infrastructure necessary to facilitate dynamic industry expansion.

Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Colorado College with a focus in Biology and Chemistry and completed the International Space University’s multidisciplinary Master’s program in Space Management. She has been active in leading STEM outreach initiatives such as Yuri’s Night and Cool Science as well as efforts to strengthen women’s roles and recognition within the space industry.

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