Christine Tan

Systems Living Labs

Christine Tan plays at the intersection of Systems Thinking, Wellbeing Technology, and Neuroscience to co-create a future of exponential compassion. As the co-founder of Systems Living Labs, she aspires to reimagine the current state and trajectory of our world. Guided by the principles of Systems Thinking, she strives to do so by building our collective capacity to transform the systems that underlie the flourishing of our humanity, society, and home – planet Earth. As a Neuroscience graduate, she seeks to apply her deep curiosity for the human mind towards a key leverage point for transforming systems – paradigms. She is also a Research Analyst at Transformative Technology, which strives to solve one of humanity’s greatest quests – the quest for global wellbeing, through some of humanity’s greatest tools – science and technology. She is a graduate of Minerva, an innovative undergraduate program reimagining higher education where students travel to 7 countries across 4 years.  

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