Dirk Wallinger

Chief Executive Officer
York Space Systems

Mr. Wallinger is a Board Director and the CEO of York Space Systems (York). York was founded in 2012 to radically improve spacecraft affordability and reliability, transforming and enabling next generation space mission operations worldwide. Today, it is one of the most innovative aerospace companies, specializing in the mass manufacture of spacecraft platforms, end-to-end customer space collection solutions, cloud-based spacecraft development tools, and real-time web-based mission tasking based in Denver. Mr. Wallinger believes in the strategic opportunity of space, as not only an intrinsic global collection frontier, but the great potential for space to improve terrestrial life.

Mr. Wallinger has executed numerous strategic and long-term partnerships, both domestic and international, with industry leaders including Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sumitomo, Ruag, Terma, Army Space and Missile Defense Command, AAC Clyde, and the Netherlands Space Office.

York’s mission diversity with commercial customers includes the development of satellites with capabilities dedicated to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. From climate change and utilizing space-based data to develop solutions for more sustainable food production at scale to cybersecurity, and by building exclusive, dedicated communication systems for global enterprises. York is helping the U.S. to lead a new revolution where the country’s infrastructure, defense and awareness is protected and insulated from the new global threats.

York was chosen by NOAA to design the overall architecture structure for potential future mission systems for the agency’s future Earth observation constellation. York was also one of the first contractors selected by the Space Development Agency to develop satellites for the agency’s Transport Layer Tranche 0, Transport 1 constellation, and T1DES constellation. York’s Harbinger S-CLASS satellite, a mission sponsored by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, is the first U.S. military small satellite artifact to be collected and displayed as a permanent artifact at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, chosen because it was identified by the museum as a “perfect representation of revolutionary advancement in space technology.”

Prior to starting York, Mr. Wallinger was the principal engineer on multiple space vehicles, including GeoEye1, ORS-1, Fermi Gamma Ray Observatory, NFIRE, and numerous classified programs. Mr. Wallinger.

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