Dr. Louise Prockter

Chief Scientist, Space Exploration Sector
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Louise Prockter is the Chief Scientist of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory’s Space Exploration Sector. She has been involved in robotic planetary exploration throughout her career, including missions to the Jupiter system, Mercury, and the asteroid Eros. She is currently a Co-Investigator on NASA’s Europa Clipper mission, and was recently the Principal Investigator of the Trident Discovery mission concept to Neptune’s moon Triton. Dr. Prockter earned her BSc in Geophysics from Lancaster University in the U.K., and her Ph.D. in Planetary Geology from Brown University. Her scientific research focuses on the geomorphology and structural geology of icy satellites and other solar system bodies. She has participated in numerous National Academy of Sciences and NASA advisory panels, including serving as the co-Chair of the Planetary Decadal mid-term review in 2018. She is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America, and a recipient of the American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Sciences Harold Masursky award for Meritorious Service to Planetary Science.

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