Keith Barger

Deputy Project Manager and Principals Systems Engineer

Keith Barger serves as a Deputy PM and SEIT lead for Parsons. His primary focus is leading efforts for designing, deploying, integrating and testing innovative ground system solutions. After graduating with a Bachelors in Education from Valdosta State University and a Masters in Science and Education from Georgia College, Keith began his career as a high school teacher sharing his passion for learning through science and engineering. During his time as a teacher, his passion for engineering grew. This led Keith to join the Space Foundation where he successfully designed and implemented innovative engineering programs that expanded international partnerships, and garnered industry recognition. He continued to pursue his passion by getting a Masters in Engineering in Space Operations from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. 
Keith joined Braxton Technologies as a Systems Engineer designing and integrating ground systems to implement Enterprise Ground Services (EGS). He joined the Parsons team in 2021 during the Parsons-Braxton acquisition. 

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