Maj. Gen. Stephen G. Purdy, Jr., USSF

Commander, Space Launch Delta 45
Space Systems Command

Program Executive Officer for Assured Access to Space

Major General Stephen G. Purdy, Jr., is quad hatted as Program Executive Officer for Assured Access to Space; Commander, Space Launch Delta 45; Director of Launch and Range Operations, Space Systems Command; and Director of the Eastern Range, Patrick Space Force Base, Florida. He also serves as the Space Force University Partnership Program Champion for the University of Texas Austin.

General Purdy as PEO is responsible to organize train equip over 10,000 government and contractor personnel at Space Launch Delta 45 at Patrick SFB, Space launch Delta 30 at Vandenberg SFB and the Launch Enterprise Directorate at Los Angeles AFB and Kirtland AFB. Additionally, he leads the acquisition, integration, development, production, operation, and sustainment of the $13.5B National Security Space Launch Program, Rocket System Launch Program, and Launch and Test Range System Programs. As SLD45 commander he is responsible for base infrastructure for more than 16,000 military, civilian, contractors and dependents at Patrick Space Force Base, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and Ascension Island. He leads the safe and secure processing and launching of U.S. government and commercial satellites from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. As range director he is final approval authority for all launches, landings and DOD testing to include Kennedy Space Center satellites and human crew on the Eastern Range, a 15-million- square-mile area that supported 36 launches in 2021 and 49 so far in 2022; aboard Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Atlas V, Delta IV Heavy, USN SLBMs, and Astra while onboarding Vulcan, Starship, Blue Origin, Relativity Terran I and others. Finally, as Director of Launch and Range Operations he provides policy guidance and resources for the Space Force spacelift and range portfolio as well as other systems across Space Systems Center.

In addition to managing the rapid increase of U.S. space launches and launch providers, he is driving practical innovation implementation with USSF’s first SparkCell, base Pitch Day, digital tool/digital HQ/data viz/IL4 chat, zero trust, supracoders, thin client/cloud patches, while exploring air/sea/ground robotics, hack-a-thons, code jams and building a gaming lounge.

General Purdy entered the Air Force as a Distinguished Graduate of the Reserve Officer Training Corps at Baylor University in 1993. He has served in a variety of engineering, acquisition and policy capacities, including assignments at the Air Force Laboratory, Pentagon, Congress, Space and Missile Systems Center and Headquarters United States Space Force. He has served as an Air Force Intern, Space/Nuclear/Cyber Congressional Appropriations Liaison, Materiel Leader in the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program Manager and as the Director Special Programs, Space and Missile Systems Center. Prior to his current assignment, General Purdy was dual-hatted as Space Operations Command’s Director, Requirements, Architectures and Analysis and the Director, Plans, Programs and Financial Management.

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