Mathew Hungerford

Space Business Unit Technical Director

Mathew (Matt) L. Hungerford is the technical director for the space business unit at SAIC overseeing the technology roadmaps, investments, and architecture solutions for SAIC’s space business. He joined SAIC in 2021 and has more than 20 years of experience in the space industry.

Throughout his career, he has held numerous positions of increasing authority developing both satellites and satellite ground systems.

Early in his career, Hungerford worked as a mechanical engineer designing satellite structures and deployable mechanisms. He then turned his career towards satellite ground systems. Hungerford started as a software engineer designing and developing telemetry and command and control systems, He later became the chief architect for full satellite ground systems. Prior to becoming tech director for SAIC, he led internal research and development projects focused on artificial intelligence and data centricity for satellite systems.

Hungerford has seen the transition of satellite systems from dedicated control systems for single exquisite satellites to the cloud enabled management of large constellations of heterogenous satellite systems focused on producing large scale federated data products.

Hungerford earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and his master’s degree in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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