Managing Challenges From China Through Space with The Honorable Frank Kendall

Originally aired on: April 19, 2023

The Honorable Frank Kendall, Secretary of the Air Force at the U.S. Air Force Headquarters, discusses international relations in the western Pacific as well as in space at Space Foundation’s 38th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

Prior to the Symposium, Kendall completed a trip through South Korea, Philippines, India, and Guam. He explained how everywhere he went, there was concern about military buildup and stability in the region. However, he described the situation as an avoidable war that would be in no-one’s best interest.

“When I came back to government in 2010, after a 15-year stint in industry, I was struck by how far China had gotten in its pursuit of weapons and forces clearly designed to keep other nation states, especially the United States, from projecting power in the western Pacific,” Kendall said.

There are many similarities between China’s expansion in the Pacific and space, both with potential solutions and pitfalls.

“Among China’s military priorities, space ranks very high,” Kendall said. “Trust, norms, and international cooperation are powerful tools to avoid conflict. Through the efforts of the National Space Council and others, we are making every effort to strengthen these tools in the space domain.”

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