Symposium Panel: Unexpected Partnerships Propel the New Era of Space Exploration

Originally aired on: March 25, 2022

As humankind builds outposts on the Moon and Mars, industrial giants will have to partner with startups and industries in unexpected sectors from food service to industrial automation to make it happen. Another key takeaway: America’s might in space isn’t enough to accomplish its goals in space.  Instead, an international all-star team will be needed to to turn what was once science fiction into reality.

This will again be a hot topic at the 38th Space Symposium in April, 2023, as speakers including Deputy NASA Administrator Pam Melroy discuss exploration ambitions.

Symposium Highlights
Space Investment Analysis
Symposium Highlights
Space Matters
Symposium Highlights

Space Matters: Live from the 2024 Space Symposium

Originally aired on: April 8, 2024

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