The Future Is Here with the Honorable Dr. Chris Scolese

Originally aired on: April 18, 2023

The Honorable Dr. Chris Scolese, Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, discusses the increasing complexity and near future of space, and how it can meet national needs in defense, commercial development and surveillance.

“Innovation is part of our DNA,” Scolese said. “At the NRO, we’re advancing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance beyond what we thought was possible.”

Scolese also announced that the NRO unveiled a fourth focus area under their strategic commercial enhancements Broad Agency Announcement program: Innovative commercial electro-optical capabilities.

He described the NRO is an agency of “big thinkers and big ideas” as they face increasing pressure from the international space industry.

“How we stay above our competitors depends on how much we accelerate our development: How much we improve the capabilities we already have in space, and how much we innovate, embrace technology, get creative, and take risks,” Scolese said.

Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights

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