Record-Breaking Solar Radiation Detected, Raising Physics Questions

A measurement of solar gamma rays observed by the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory Collaboration, with the Sun in the center.

A new study details the highest-energy radiation ever documented from the Sun, roughly 1 trillion times more powerful than visible light. Not only is the solar radiation stronger than expected, there’s also more of it. The researchers involved say the discovery calls for a “revised theoretical framework” to explain the excess of solar gamma rays.

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ESA Celebrates Mars Express Success with Live Imagery Broadcast

The European Space Agency celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Mars Express mission by broadcasting an hour of live imagery from the orbiter. Mars Express, launched in 2003, orbits Mars at an altitude of about 200 miles. Designed to create mosaic photographs of 30-square-mile areas of Mars, the orbiter has sent still imagery of the planet that scientists have used to accurately map the Martian surface.

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