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Space Symposium 365 is an innovative digital engagement platform created by the Space Foundation to provide the global space community a reliable way to extend the dialogues initiated at the annual Space Symposium, share new research and data, and identify challenges and opportunities as they arise.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020 — 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST

Panel: Workforce Perspectives: A View from Industry Leaders and New Generation Professionals

Co-sponsored by: Lockheed Martin

This session will bring together some of the industry’s top leaders and the New Gen young professionals to discuss the top issues surrounding workforce development: attracting and retaining diverse talent, engaging employees, and the changing nature of work in the Space Industry.  Focusing on innovative solutions to enhance opportunities and diversity among employees, this dynamic discussion will address the global space community as stakeholders for building the next generation workforce. Moderated by: Paul Engola and Lauren Smith

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Thought leaders from the commercial, government and military space sectors around the world convene once a year in Colorado Springs to talk and plan for future achievements in space. The Space Symposium is a must-attend event to meet face-to-face with customers, make deals and network with other space professionals.

Space Symposium 365 provides a way for participants to advance the conversations held and relationships established during the Space Symposium once everyone has left The Broadmoor. Topics covered on the digital platform will come from key briefings and announcements made during the last Space Symposium, while new subject matters and emerging issues will fuel the agenda of the next one.


Industry-Leading Presentations:

Hear from prominent space leaders in government and industry in a mix of in-person and virtual events, and learn about the latest developments in space policy, exploration and commerce.


Revealing Expert Discussions:

Topical panels deliver insight into the space community’s most pressing priorities and challenges and promote dialogue between space stakeholders through audience Q&A.


The Latest Mission Briefings:

Be the first to learn about mission planning and development through briefings with the innovators and explorers driving space endeavors.


Space Economy, Explained:

Inform your planning and vision with deep dives into space economy data, with leading economists and experts explaining the findings and insights revealed in Space Foundation’s The Space Report quarterly issues.


Fuel New Connections:

The networking potential of Space Symposium is open to you all year long. Use events and programs to connect with colleagues and customers, seize opportunities, and discover more value.


Greater International Participation:

More than ever before, Space Foundation programs are available to professionals around the world, promoting engagements between stakeholders in established and emerging space programs and enterprises.



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