Lt. Col. A. Walter Shedroff, USAF

Chief, Plans Transition Branch
United States Air Force

Lieutenant Colonel A. Walter Shedroff is the Chief Global Partnerships Branch within Strategy (S5S) Division of the Headquarter Space Force Staff (currently assigned to USSC JTF-SD). As Branch Chief he is responsible for the integration of international engagement with national strategy and policy.

Lieutenant Colonel Shedroff was commissioned through the ROTC program at Arizona State University in 2006. He has commanded at the flight and crew levels. Notable staff assignments include serving as the C2 Requirements lead Headquarters Air Force Space Command; Action Officer for USSF Planning Task Force; Branch Chief for Space Situational Awareness, Headquarters U.S. Air Force; and Branch Chief International Partnerships, Headquarters U.S. Space Force.

Prior to his current role on the Space Force Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Shedroff was instrumental as a member on the USSF PTF which set up the service in Dec 2019. Prior to that he was an operations flight commander and crew commander for Space Situational Awareness and MILSATCOM satellite systems. He was also a Test Manager with the 17 Test Squadron after completing a tour as a Missile Combat Crew Commander Instructor.

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