Europe’s Space Ambition with Dr. Josef Aschbacher

Originally aired on: April 18, 2023

Dr. Josef Aschbacher, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), discusses the state of Europe’s space industry and its future ambitions at Space Foundation’s 38th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

At the 2022 ESA Ministerial Council, a record budget of 16.9 billion Euros was subscribed to ESA, a 17% increase from three years ago. This budget included 1.3 billion Euros for space commercialization. For 2023, ESA’s focus includes developing the Secure Connectivity constellation with the European Commission, implementing the new programs decided at CM22, and accelerating green technology in space.

“One of the guidelines we are developing is a zero-debris policy by the end of the decade,” Aschbacher said. “In other words, if we put a satellite up in orbit, we guarantee that the satellite eventually goes out of orbit. Or, if not possible by its own means through deorbiting, that it is being removed to keep our orbits clean.”

Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights

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