Secretary Graves Discusses Keeping America Competitive in Space

Originally aired on: April 19, 2023

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves speaks at the 2023 Space Symposium about the state of the global space industry and the government’s role in supporting a booming business environment.

Last year saw 186 successful space launches into orbit, the most ever recorded, and 44 more than the previous year. Graves expects that number to grow, and he explains why he’s hopeful.

“At the Department of Commerce, we want to ensure that the United States remains a leader for businesses operating in space,” Graves said. “It’s our job to improve America’s competitiveness so that our companies can seed in the global economy. That means engaging with industry to support innovation, expanding businesses opportunities, and importantly, providing the clarity, the consistency and the transparency that you need to invest and to compete.”

Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights
Symposium Highlights

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