Former Leaders Panel: Communication and Development in Space

Originally aired on: April 20, 2023

In this talk at Space Symposium 2023, chairman of the Board of Directors for Space Foundation Jeffrey Grant hosts a panel of leaders in the space industry as they discuss development in space, constraints to progress, and what to expect next. Grant was joined by Richard Ambrose, former executive vice president at Lockheed Martin Space; Air Force General John Hyten (retired); and former NASA administrator James Bridenstine.

The panel opened with a discussion about the rapidly expanding space industry and its influence on geopolitics. In particular, the panelists discussed the importance of communications with other spacefaring nations.

“In the space domain, we’ve got to figure out how to communicate correctly,” Ambrose said. “It’s got to be a conscious decision for our nation: what we talk about, why we talk about it, and the adversaries need to understand that if they attack, they will not succeed. That’s the basics of deterrence.”

Grant stated that while the panelists were not “former” leaders, he did estimate that between the four of them, there were 160 years of experience in the space industry.


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